Many of you have heard of Beckford Parish Council and our work, however we want to hand the soapbox over to you.

We want to ensure that you can express your ideas and opinions about how our villages are supported.

Together, we can make a difference and make our community the best it can be.

The Parish Council acts on behalf of our community, ensuring that all residents are represented and local issues are dealt with across Beckford, Little Beckford and Grafton.

By highlighting everyone’s views, we can give back to the community in the most ideal way for you.

That’s why we’re making some changes and we’d love to get you involved!

Please view the link below to see how to complete the survey. 

Giving Our Village a Voice

Local residents have been posted a printed copy of a survey to fill out if you prefer. Email the clerk if you have not received your survey.


Parish Clerk

Beckford Parish Council


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